October 7-9, 2014, New York City, USA

This uniquely practical and industry's un-rivaled course,
"Polymer Industry Problem Solving via Excellence in
Polymer-Analytical Sciences" traditionally offered in
the USA is now being offered in Europe as well as Asia.
A highlight of the course is the presentation of 50+ Case-
Histories of $MM business impact via skilled investigation
of problems & solutions and a major presentation on
"How to Identify Innovation Opportunities During Routine
Technical Operations". This course has been attended
by 400+ professionals including some of the premier
companies listed below:

• GE
• Honeywell
• 3M
• Dow Chemical
• Eastman Chemical
• J&J
• Pfizer
• Merck
• Avery Dennison
• Shaw Carpet Industries




  • Root-Cause Investigation of "GELS" and "Visual
    Defects" in FILMS
  • Adhesive Failure in Single and Multi-Layered Films
  • Chemical make-up of Multi-Layered Films with ease
    and highest level of confidence
  • Differentiation of fractional draw ratios (2.1 vs 2.4) in
    balanced vs unbalanced oriented films
  • Detection & Control of dimensional stability and history
  • Measurement & control of Crystallinity and its role in
  • Inter-relationships between nucleation & processing
    rates & achieving high clarity at high crystallinities

  • Brittle Failure in PET Battery tray
  • Door Checker Arm Failure

• FIBERS: Determining draw ratios and dimensional
  stability and correlation with mechanicals & dyeability

  • Injection Molding:
   · Surface Defects such as white Streaks
   · Fiber Glass Orientation, Wetting, Adhesion,
     Knit- Line problems
   · Variables Affecting Cycle Time
  • Processing:
   · Bubble Instability in Blown Films
   · Smoke & Extruder Freeze-Up Issues
   · Subtle Contamination Issues

• ADDITIVES & COATINGS: Best practices in selecting
  the right additive & optimal COATINGS. Exploring the
  "Un-Expected" benefits of additives.

• INNOVATION: How to use "Analytical Data" to discover
  New Concepts for Product & Process Innovations

• SALES & MARKETING: Product / Process "A" is better
   than "B" and, if unresolved, $MM sales is at stake;
   Maximizing Probability of Winning !!!

• R&D / New Product-Process Development:
  Learn most effective ways to follow progress
  towards your goals.

• Technical Services & Marketing: Learn how to
  respond to "CUSTOMERS" when $MM is at stake.

• Analytical Services: Learn and count on some
  new Analytical-Problem Solving strategies from
  our TEAM of experts.

• Exposure to multiple Case-Studies helped
exemplify the practical applications & the power of
analytical techniques, especially the Thermal
& Rheological techniques

-Mark Colton, Product Development Manager,
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Course
Attendee - 2013 @ Cleveland, OH, USA

• This course offered a great combination of principles
and Case-Studies on analytical techniques as applied
to industrial problem solving. As a relatively newcomer
to the polymer industry, I never felt overwhelmed with
the information presented. The course gave me a better
understanding of the tools available to solve application
issues with my customers.

-Jeffrey Chen, Product Manager-LifeScience Polymers,
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Course
Attendee - 2013 @ Cleveland, OH, USA

• I would like to take this opportunity to thank you
for a very informative course in New Delhi. I am a
Chemical Engineer heading two Polymer Synthesis
laboratories and the Dept at Gharda. During the two
days, I learned how so much information can be pulled
from DSC and Rheological studies as well as the many
"Tricks of the Trade"

-Dr. Mathew Abraham, Senior Manager, R&D, Gharda
Chemicals Ltd., Course Attendee - 2011 @ New Delhi, INDIA

• Totally, it is a very good classroom training for problem
solving, especially for technologists in Thermal &
Rheology area, even for product developers. Your great
experience in practical operations and issue resolution
are really useful. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

-Qiang Wang, Research Scientist, GE-Global Research
Center, Course Attendee-2011 @ Shanghai, CHINA

• I very much enjoyed your topic "How to Identify
Opportunities in Thermal-Rheology Analytical Data".
I also appreciated the "Real World" examples and the
analytical perspective of the problem solving strategies.

-Dr. Wade Thompson, Research Technical Leader,
Attendee-2011 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• Enjoyed the problem solving examples...Rheology of
moisture and heat sensitive materials was very useful
since we process PET & Nylons. We took away some
great information from this seminar.

-Tom Shilale, Sr. R&D Engineer, Avery Dennison,
Attendee-2010 @ Cleveland, OH, USA
-Chuck Burout, Business Development Manager-New
Technologies, Avery Dennison, Attendee-2010 @ Atlanta,

• Practical aspects of the course were excellent. Logical
& scientific problem solving examples were great.
Thanks, it was a day Very Well spent.

-Dr. Sumita Ranganathan, Senior Product Development
Engineer, Sealed Air, Attendee-2009 @ Atlanta, GA, USA

• Very well in-depth analysis of the role of crystallinty in
controlling the performance of plastic films; I learned a
lot from the class.

-Huy Phan, Process Quality Engineer , SKC Films,
Attendee-2009 @ Atlanta, GA, USA

• Case Histories provided methodology and approaches
to problem analysis - liked it very much. Also enjoyed
the discussion on 7-RULES OF INNOVATION with a
particular reference to problem solving.

-Dr. Salil Jha, Manager R&D, Capsugel-a division of Pfizer,
Attendee-2008 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• Discussion of Case Studies was particularly helpful.
I learned a lot of "Tips & Tricks" that you won't find in
textbooks. Very practical approach in presentations.

-Lourdes Lopez, Principal Scientist, Beckton Dickinson,
Attendee-2008 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• Extremely helpful course for our type of industry
where competition is intense and everyone is looking
for cost-effective packaging materials with superior technology...Structure-processing-property relationships
were presented with such high clarity for the first time...
Case histories discussed will definitely help us.

-Dipak Boral, Head-R&D, UFlex-Packaging Division - India,
Attendee-2007 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• Course was very good with lots of practical
information and thought-provoking approaches
to industrial problem solving.

-William Brown, Lead Sciences & Lab Services Specialist,
Progressive Energy, Attendee-2007 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• Quite interesting course...all the case-studies
presented brought-in new ideas to be applied to
our materials.

-Carlos Rodriguez, R&D, BioFilm - South America,
Attendee-2007 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• The course was highly relevant to non-lab people
like myself...Really liked the message about
Innovation coming from analytical work.

-Richard Dayrit, Research Associate, Sealed Air-Cryovac
Division, Attendee-2007 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• Speakers were highly knowledgeable in applying
analytical techniques to the real world problems...
Case Histories were intriguing...Overall, a good
value for the time & money.

-Dr. Michael J. Pearce, Laboratory Head-Polymers Analytical,
Eastman Chemical, Attendee-2006 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• It is a very fruitful short course, perhaps one of the
best that I have attended to. I particularly enjoyed
the case histories of the industrial problem solving
that showed how to approach the problem strategically,
and the application of various analytical techniques in
real life. I also liked the presentations that showed how
small discoveries from analytical testing lead to big
inventions and innovations. Thank you very much for
giving this inspiring course!

-Dr. Jian Qiu, Pall Corp, Attendee-2005 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• The course was well organized and met my
expectations. I learned a huge amount about
DSC & DMA which allows us (me) to use these
techniques more as analytical tools.

-Myles Bos, Senior Material Scientist, Ballard Power
Systems - Canada, Attendee - 2005 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• Course met my expectations. Case studies were very
effective in relating how the analytical techniques can
help product related issues. I have generated a lot of
ideas that I can take back and try out. We will be able
to now take our analysis capabilities to a better level.

-Dr. Jason Riggs, Consolidated Containers Company LLC,
Attendee-2005 @ Newark, NJ, USA

• These types of courses are hard to find; it fills a need
for relating hands-on experience of industrial experts on
real-life problems. I was very pleased with the course
and will strongly recommend to those looking for
innovative solutions…

-Bill DeGroot, Masonite Corp., Attendee-2004 @ Newark,

• During his career at Honeywell, Dr. Yash
Khanna demonstrated "Unique Interpretive
Skills" in Thermal-Rheological techniques,
which led to New Concepts & New Business
Opportunities for the company…

-Dr. Kenneth O. MacFadden, VP-Honeywell Laboratories
(1996-2002), Morristown, NJ, USA

• Dr. Yash Khanna's career highlights how
Thermal-Rheological testing can be extended
into identifying New Concepts & Problem
Solving Strategies, even for old polymer systems…

-Prof. Eli M. Pearce, Polymer Research Institute,
Polytechnic - New York University, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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