Dr. Yash P. Khanna, recipient of two international
awards in the areas of Plastics and Analytical Sciences,
has 38 years of highly diversified industrial experience
and currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer
(CTO) at Applied Minerals, a leading global producer
of Halloysite Clay. His career is credited with over
120 research publications, 25 U.S. patents, Society
of Plastics Engineer’s International “Engineering/
Technology” Award (2001) and North American Thermal
Analysis Society’s Fellowship (1988) and its highest
honor, the International Mettler Award (1997). A highpoint
of Dr. Khanna’s career has been to identify several new
phenomena in common polymers, already in existence
for 40-60 years. During 2005-2009, Dr. Khanna was
Senior Technology Fellow / Director of Technology at
Imerys, a $5B minerals company. Prior to that, he was
the Manager of Reinforced Engineering Thermoplastics
Program at Rayonier (2001-2004).The great majority of
his career, 1975-2001, was at Honeywell, formerly
AlliedSignal, Corporate Research & Technology Center
as a Research Group Leader / Senior Principal Scientist.
During 1990-2001, he also held positions as Business
Unit Liaison to Specialty Films and key technologist for
Packaging Resins, where scientific fundamentals formed
the basis of new product / process development as well
as technology marketing in North America and Europe.
These significant business contributions were recognized
through 5 Special Recognition awards and 3 business
awards (“Growth,” “Sale of the Year,” and “Save of the
Year”). Now at InnoPlast Solutions, Dr. Khanna’s
technology driven business experience is playing a key
role in offering “Value-Driven” conferences and courses.

Yash P. Khanna
PhD - Polymer Science & Engineering
InnoPlast Solutions, Inc.
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Roswell, GA 30076, USA
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Functional additives are key enablers in polymer
formulations; they drive the performance and processing characteristics of polymeric compositions that are clearly
NOT in line with their proportion in the formulation. Since
there are often multiple additives serving a desired
function, molders / converters find it more convenient to
use a “Masterbatch / Concentrate” rather than dealing
with minor components. As a result, COMPOUNDERS
are uniquely placed in the plastics industry value-chain
to continue delivering innovations to the industry. The
theme for this year’s 2-day conference on “Polymer
Compounding for Sustained Innovations in Plastics
Industry” is to bring the participants up to speed on the
newest trends and technical advances in developing &
offering differentiated products to the marketplace.


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